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Florida Osceola Turkey Hunt

The Osceola Turkey is considered by some to be one of the more prestigious and difficult Turkeys to hunt and Florida is the only place to hunt them. The wild Osceola turkeys were named after “Osceola,” the famous Florida Seminole Indian war chief. Osceola turkeys are generally smaller, are known to have longer spurs, and are darker than the Eastern subspecies. Male Osceola turkeys have iridescent green and red hues on their feathers; they are not as bronze as the Eastern subspecies. The Osceolas are also considered one of the hardest of the subspecies to hunt & call in, and have one of the most limited geographical ranges of all the turkey species. We’ve helped many hunters take home an Osceola Turkey to complete or add to their Grand Slam. The Osceola can be weary and tend to not gobble as much compared to some of the other species of wild turkeys. Our Osceola Turkey Hunts are 3 full days of Turkey hunting. We kill around 70% of our birds on the first day giving you the option to relax and enjoy your stay in Florida, or we can keep you in the woods on a hog hunt, predator hunt, or fishing trip if available. All of our guides are seasoned hunters and know these turkeys and the terrain/land like the back of their hand. They put in long hours of scouting year-round to ensure a successful hunt, and is why we have a 100% shot opportunity rate. If your looking for an opportunity to go on a Osceola Turkey Hunting adventure of a lifetime, don’t delay and contact us today!

Pricing $3000

Price subject to change.

Pricing includes:

      • 3 day 4 night stay at our 5 star lodge
      • 1 Mature 2y.o + Osceola Tom Turkey
      • 3 day fully guided hunt
      • 1 hog hunt, predator hunt, or fishing trip
      • Many clients have inquired if tipping is appropriate, or what the tipping rate might be for the guides. We say, absolutely. Generally it is 15-20%.


You can purchase your Turkey hunting License at a local country store just a few minutes from our ranch, at any Walmart in Florida, or online at
Once you call we can go over details about the hunt, what to bring and wear for hunting the illusive Osceola.
Group rates and discounts may be available for those not wanting lodging. A second bird may be available to hunt at a discounted rate. Call us today to discuss further details and inquire about booking a hunt! Call or Text Dalton at (386) 986-5219.